Alpha Middle School

Outstanding Alpha Middle School Honor Roll results

58% of all students earned Honor Roll in Fall Semester
80% of Comets fast pitch girls earned Honor Roll
70% of JMF boys baseball earned Honor Roll

We are proud of our students, teachers and staff at Alpha Middle School!

Mr. Felix Duncan, Principal
Alpha Power Program (APP) 


Why do well over half students achieve Honor Roll at Alpha Middle School?  APP is producing great results!


The Alpha Power Program (APP) was designed to:

1. Increase the classroom completion percentage of daily classwork.

2. Increase the homework completion and return percentage.

3. Develop a culture of academic excellence.

4. Create an environment of friendly academic competition.


“APP works!”  - Alpha Middle School student


 Jerry Manuel Foundation at Alpha Middle School 


The Jerry Manuel Foundation is a magnet program for students who are interested in baseball.  Mr. Manuel is a native of the Sacramento area, made a career of playing professional baseball, and was Major League Baseball’s Manager of the Year with the Chicago White Sox for the 2000 season.  Most recently he was manager of the New York Mets. You can learn more about Mr. Manuel and the Jerry Manuel Foundation by going to 


JMF is the first of what are planned to be a number of magnet options for students, not only from our district but from around the region.  We are looking forward to a time when Alpha will host magnet programs for students with interests such as language immersion, technology, Career Technical Education, agriculture, medical careers, music, and other possibilities.  We are planning on JMF being the first of many such magnets.


It is also important to note that our traditional Alpha students will also benefit from and participate in the opportunities of each magnet program.  For instance, you will currently see batting cages that are nearly complete and a baseball field that is being renovated.  These and more will benefit each and every student at Alpha.


An important note concerning pick-up and drop-off


There is no parking or student pick-up on the west side of Elwyn Avenue (across the street from the school).  Students may not cross Elwyn Avenue for any reason, even if accompanied by an adult.  This is a very important safety concern.  Thank you for your support!